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Why choose a new build home?

Everyone has their own thoughts when it comes to choosing a house style, but is a new build home the more practical choice?

The classic debate of which is better, a new-build home or an older house, has been dividing opinion for years. Some people love the history attached to an older building, while others enjoy being the first ever owner to grace a property.

While there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to which house period is better for buyers, we think it’s important for those who’ve never considered a new build to understand some of the benefits that often go overlooked. Read on…

Energy Efficiency

This is a big positive of new build homes, especially as we as a society find ourselves becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability. When compared to traditional homes, new build homes are built to a much higher standard of energy efficiency.

Features like effective insulation, modern double glazing, airtight doors and the installation of smart meters can all help you save on energy costs in the long run, while also reducing your household’s combined carbon footprint. Thoughtful factors like water saving appliances, airtight designs and thermally efficient building materials can help new build homes produce significantly lower CO2 emissions than older properties. These features are all showcased at our developments in the North East.


As a general rule, new build homes are more secure than older homes because they are built to a higher standard of durability and protection. They also haven’t had to withstand the level of wear and tear felt by more traditional properties over the course of decades.

From the quality of entrance door locking systems to the inclusion of modern burglar alarm systems, new build properties like ours often offer the very latest in terms of security, helping you rest easy in your own home.

Health & Safety

And it’s not just protecting against intrusion that new build homes excel at. Overall, the level of safety offered by a newly built property exceeds that of an older home as, again, they are built to meet the latest standards.

Contemporary features in new build homes, such as modern smoke detectors and fire-resistant materials, make day to day living a much safer experience for your whole household.

Structural Warranty

New build homes often come with greater peace of mind than older properties which, for anyone who has experienced the busyness of moving home first hand, is a real plus. This is largely because new builds come with a 10-year warranty. This is designed to protect you from any major structural defects and save you money should you experience any issues down the line. At Homes by Esh, every home comes with a 10-year NHBC warranty.

Have Your Say

Investing in a new build property means that you can have a hand in designing your home as you want it to be. From fixtures and fittings to colour schemes and flooring, new builds allow you to create your dream home from scratch without having to put in the time and cost of decorating after you’ve moved in. You can simply pick up your keys and feel immediately at home in a space you’ve curated.

Buying Made Easy

When it comes to new build homes, the buying process is often much easier and less stressful thanks to the array of offers available.

Both Part Exchange and the Government-backed Help to Buy scheme are available on Homes by Esh homes*, making securing your perfect property a much smoother experience.

Looking for your perfect property? Let Homes by Esh help. We have stunning developments across Darlington, including Woodburn Gardens, Heighington Meadows and the recently added Lancaster Park. Get in touch today using our online Live Chat service.


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