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3 smart steps to saving space in your home

space saving

We’ve all heard of a spring clean, but spring space-saving is the way to really make your home feel like new

Spring is the time of year when we typically deep clean our home, making it feel shiny and new again. But we say, why stop there? A big reason why we spring clean is to make our homes feel less cluttered, so we thought we would offer a few more permanent solutions. These are the 3 golden rules for saving space in your home.

Set aside some time for a good old fashioned declutter

It’s important to be ruthless with your décor when trying to save space. This means only housing the decorations and furniture which really adds something. So first things first, in order to make the most of your home you’ll need to have a ruthless decluttering session. Examine your rooms with a critical eye and take away anything which doesn’t elevate the space. This could be a piece of furniture which no longer fits with your vision for the space, or ornaments and knick-knacks which you’ve had for a long time, and no longer really notice.

Once you’ve removed all the unnecessary items from your home, you’ll be left with a much airier space, ready to be filled with fresh pieces that fit your current aesthetic. Remember, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Be smart about storage

Storage is your most powerful weapon when it comes to saving space in your home. We all have items that need a home, and smart storage solutions help you house your items without sacrificing living space.

In the bedroom, this could mean introducing deep drawers kept under the bed, or fitted wardrobes built to complement the room’s shape and size. Elsewhere in the home, open shelving is a clever way to introduce storage without taking up floor space. The openness of its design also stops the room feeling claustrophobic. This is the ideal place to store all the ornaments, books and photographs you’re proud to have out on display.

For items you’d rather not keep on show, find ways to create extra storage by swapping furniture, rather than simply adding more. For example, instead of a coffee table, invest in a storage chest to serve the same purpose while also offering more space for knick-knacks and essentials.

Look for opportunities in your hallways

Hallways can all too easily become wasted space, which – even if you have a large home – is never a good thing. So instead of ignoring your hallways when decorating, try turning them into attractive and functional spaces you can actually spend time in. This might mean creating a reading nook or a corner office area in an alcove you’ve ignored up until now. A slimline desk or bookshelf and a comfortable chair are all you need.

Alternatively, use your hallway to offer even more storage by introducing more open shelving or a fitted coat rack and shoe rack, keeping things tidy and orderly rather than chaotic and cluttered.

Whether your home is big or small, remember that every nook matters. By transforming every potential space into a functional area, you’ll feel like you have more places in your home to spend your time. This will not only help you save space, but can actually make you feel like you have a more diverse and exciting home to enjoy.

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