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8 wow-factor wallpaper ideas for your kitchen

Don’t let fear stop you from sprucing up your kitchen with wonderful wallpaper

It’s a common misconception that wallpaper and kitchens don’t go together. Whether you fear staining or want to keep things simple, it’s understandable to think that kitchens are better suited to tiles or plain paints.

But we’re here to show you why this isn’t true. With colours and patterns galore to choose from, the right wallpaper on your backsplash or breakfast nook can transform the heart of your home into an eye-catching event. Here are 8 inspiring wallpaper possibilities that’ll make you hungry for stunning kitchen design.

Magnificent marble-effect

More than any other material, marble is something we associate with extravagance and grace. Of course, few of us possess the funds to replace our kitchen’s bricks and mortar with marble, but marble-effect wallpaper is a thing and it’s fantastic.

Available in a range of stunning pastel shades, marble-effect wallpaper can give your kitchen a bright, timeless look which oozes individuality.

A tropical touch behind the bar

If you’re lucky enough to have a drinks bar in your home, you can add even more luxury and excitement to this quirky home accessory by placing it before a tropical feature wall. A boldly coloured palm print will give the heart of your home a constant sense of holiday elegance that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can even use the colours in the print to inspire the rest of your kitchen design, creating an all-round sense of fun.

Great geometrics

Geometric prints are great for adding interest to a kitchen space without sacrificing a modern or minimalist look. Even the most streamlined kitchen can benefit from a strong geometric print on a feature wall. In fact, sometimes small touches of geometric wallpaper can be enough. Consider introducing a sliver or bold geometric print on a slim wall space, or between higher and lower cabinets.

Fun foody prints

Embrace the point of a kitchen with open arms by seeking out fun food-themed wallpaper prints to liven up the space. Be it lemons, watermelon slices or fried eggs, foody wallpapers add a touch of whimsy to any kitchen that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Bright and bold breakfast nook

If you’re determined to keep your kitchen wallpaper-free, try papering a kitchen nook or adjoining dining area instead. In an open-plan space, this will help make the two areas feel more distinct, providing each with their own unique personality. It will also help make your breakfast nook feel warmer, cosier and more like home.

Fresh florals

Floral wallpaper helps it feel like spring all year round in your kitchen — perfect for a country or farmhouse style. Plus, there are so many colours and styles available in the limitless world of flowers. If you’re worried about things feeling too frilly, keep the rest of your décor rustic with wood, stainless steel and fresh greenery.

Stylish monochrome

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make things feel crisp and simple in your kitchen, monochrome wallpapers are a great option. The simple and classic combination of black and white puts the focus on the pattern, emphasising a cool, industrial vibe.

Brave the backsplash

Believe it or not, it is possible to wallpaper your backsplash without risking constant food splashes and stains. Thanks to the invention of vinyl wallpaper, you can choose from a huge range of designs and really make your cooking area feel exciting and fresh without sacrificing cleanliness. It’s also much easier to swap out than tiles when you want to change things up.

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