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8 ways to celebrate autumn in your home with colour


With summer out the way, it’s time to embrace the magic of autumn in your home

As the Great British Summer bids us farewell, it’s time to get excited about all the beauty and majesty autumn has to offer. From cosy nights in to updating your wardrobe, there are plenty of aspects of autumn to start looking forward to. But arguably the best thing about the season is the colours it brings. From the sparkling oranges of toasty fires to the deep reds of fallen leaves, autumn has a fiery palette that’s full of inspiration when it comes to interior design.

And that’s why we’re here to show you nine fantastic ways to celebrate autumnal hues in your home. From feature walls to jewel tones, take a look at our list and get inspired for the months ahead.

Add a rich rug to your living space

Autumn is all about getting cosy, so why not treat your eyes (and your toes) to a new plush rug in your living space. Choosing a rug in a rich tone like burgundy will help you make a striking statement, especially if it contrasts the colours used in the rest of the space.

Decorate in dreamy blues

You may think of blue as more of a summertime or even winter tone, but rich blues and greens can work wonderfully to balance the effect of some of autumn’s more brazen shades. They also have plenty of depth to them, so try introducing some relaxing azure accents into your bedroom.

Introduce wood accents

Wood offers colour without commitment, and the rich earthy tones it brings are quintessentially autumnal. Whether timber or teak, the warm elements you find in many woods will help to heat up your home for the coming months.

Be decadent with jewel tones

Rich emerald greens work beautifully alongside some of the warmer tones you might be introducing into your home, and jewel tones are also a fantastic way to make your home feel more luxurious. Whether luxe velvet upholstery or a bejewelled lampshade, these tones always pack a punch.

Go dark for ambience

We normally avoid dark colours in the kitchen in order to maximise space and light, but a few cosy cabinets or rich tiles can work wonderfully alongside warm metals to bring drama and atmosphere. Introducing wood tones alongside these aspects will help to give your kitchen a real sense of rustic charm.

Add interest with artworks

One of the easiest and most effective ways to update your home design is to rotate your wall art with every season. Floral prints and watercolours all shine in the spring/summer seasons, but swapping these out for warmer pieces will give your home a completely different feel for autumn.

Welcome warm lights

Lights aren’t just practical elements in your home, they can also introduce their own flair. Consider coloured bulbs and shades to really give bedrooms a strong aesthetic presence. Yellow-tinted bulbs will add a delightfully warm light which will help heat up your home on even the coldest nights.

Feed the fire with orange and red hues

Of course, the most obvious way to celebrate autumnal tones in your home is with the tones we all associate with the seasons: red, orange and yellow. These are the tones of autumn leaves, fireworks and fireplaces, so why not also make them the tones of your soft furnishings? Cushions, curtains and throws in rich tones will all make your home achieve maximum cosiness this autumn.

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