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7 interior design rules that were made to be broken

When it comes to interior design, it pays to be a rulebreaker

Sometimes you have to establish your own path, and this is certainly the case when it comes to interior design. Don’t be afraid to start breaking the rules in order to give your home some personality.

And if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Here are seven interior design rules that were made to be broken.

“Strive for symmetry”

People are attracted to symmetry, so we’re often told that the rooms in our home should follow this rule, maintaining a sense of balance. However, sticking too closely to this can result in rigid, museum-like spaces without much diversity. Mix things up by adding a few unexpected elements, like armchairs that don’t match, items collected in threes rather than in pairs, or décor with an asymmetrical design.

“Only invest in real plants”

Of course real greenery is great. It livens up any room and improves the air purity, giving your home a freshness that’s unrivalled. But for many of us, real plants just aren’t practical for our busy lifestyles. So don’t be shamed into avoiding faux plants altogether — high quality fake plants look pretty much exactly like the real thing, and require far less maintenance than actual household greenery.

“You need a matching dining set”

While convention makes us think we need a perfectly matching set of dining chairs to complete our dining room, there are benefits to thinking outside the box. Dining chairs which are intentionally mismatched in a variety of colours, materials and silhouettes create a chic, trendy vibe that’s effortlessly cool. So next time you come across a single dining chair you love, don’t be afraid to snag it.

“Wood tones should all be the same”

The idea behind this rule is that having woodgrains that aren’t perfect replicas of each other within the same space can make it look messy and cluttered, but this isn’t really true. Variety is the spice of life, and mixing and matching your wood tones can help you avoid the log cabin look. So if you have dark wood floors, try introducing some light coloured wood furniture, and vice versa.

“Avoid dark colours”

This is a common interior design rule, and basically claims that using dark wall colours will suck all the light from a room and make it feel small and dank. But while this may be true in some circumstances, this doesn’t mean you should avoid dark colours altogether. Deep, rich hues and dark jewel tones can add an elegant sense of luxury to any space, making it feel sumptuous and more homely at the same time. There are lots of ways to bring dark colours into your home, from feature walls to statement furniture to wall art, so don’t feel like everything has to be light and neutral.

“Don’t mix patterns”

We’re often told that mixing patterns makes a room feel too busy. This might be true a lot of the time, but pattern mixing can actually be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Just make sure there is one unifying factor that brings your patterns together, whether it’s a common shape or colour.

“Everything should match”

If we were to follow all the rules out there, everything in our homes would be part of a set. Our drawers and wardrobes would all match, our sofas and chairs would all match, and every picture would be hung in the same frame. But instead, why not try simply picking things that speak to your individual personality and taste, even if they are a one-off? This is sure to make your home feel exciting, intriguing and much more you.

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