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6 ways to give your bedroom a luxe hotel vibe

Who needs to fork out a fortune on a night away when you can create a premium hotel look in your home

There’s nothing quite like flopping down on a sumptuous bed in a hotel room, taking in the luxurious surroundings and enjoying the chance to truly relax. Unfortunately, for most of us checking into a posh hotel isn’t something that happens every week.

But the good news is that it’s possible to recreate this serene atmosphere in your own home – it just takes a few simple additions and tweaks. So if you want to turn your bedroom into a space worthy of a staycation, here are our top 6 tips.

Invest in all the best bed supplies

The bed is, after all, the most important part of any bedroom, so it’s worth making sure it meets your high expectations. The first thing many people notice about a hotel room are the soft, inviting sheets, so make sure you treat your bed to the very best quality.

If you really want to go all-out with your bed, you can also consider a new down comforter, new pillows or even a new mattress, to ensure your bedroom gives you the best night’s sleep possible. Once you’ve laid the foundations for a luxury bed, finish it off with some attractive new bedding with a touch of wow-factor. This will help make your bed feel like a true centrepiece.

Spruce up your walls

Hotels rooms are often decorated in a relatively neutral style, to accommodate for the fact that a whole host of people will be using the space. This is something you can carry through to your own bedroom décor, using a palette of bright, neutral tones as the backdrop of your walls to create a clean, crisp vibe. However, as this is your hotel space, you can afford to be a bit more personal with your choices. Why not include a bright feature wall or some bold, eye-catching wall art for a touch of glamour? Being brave with your soft furnishings is always more advisable than doing so with your paint or paper selections – because you can change things so much more easily.

Curate your own minibar

No hotel room is complete without a minibar. This is a mark of real luxury, so introducing it into your own bedroom is sure to make your sleep space feel both elegant and inviting. Using a side table or even a bar cart, arrange a few refreshments and treats to enjoy when relaxing in your bedroom. Why not even invest in stemware, an ice bucket and a bottle of nice wine for a relaxing weekend night in? Of course, the best thing about having your own mini-bar is the lack of additional charges!

Treat yourself to breakfast in bed

What’s even better than your own minibar? Your own breakfast in bed service! Treat yourself to a stylish set of serve-ware to make eating in bed feel luxurious rather than lazy, including a tray and a tiered display for all your breakfast delights and freshly-brewed coffee. This will help make weekends and days off feel all the more decadent, allowing you to enjoy a more pampered start to your day.

Go for quality, not quantity

You won’t find much in the way of ornaments and knick-knacks in a hotel room, and there’s a reason. These rooms are designed to be peaceful spaces where you can empty your mind, so they’re meant to be free from clutter. This idea of a few select decorations, rather than a wide array of items, is something you can carry over into your own bedroom design. Always go for quality over quantity.

Get a luxurious robe

One of the best things about any hotel room is the cosy robe thrown in as a complimentary perk. Putting it on is often the first thing you do when you arrive, and you can recreate this experience at home by investing in a super soft robe in a neutral colour. To really recreate the hotel vibe, hang it on the back of your door or on a hook in your bathroom. Other luxurious touches you can add include a sleep mask, or even mini moisturisers for your hands and feet.

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