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4 décor tips to warm up your home if you’re so over the cold


Put a spring in your step and tackle the winter blues with these fresh & fun interior additions

Now that Christmas and New Year are out the way, there’s an expectation for winter to hurry up and get a move on as well. Unfortunately, there’s always at least an extra couple of months before the long nights and chilly days officially take their leave. This can leave us feeling more than a little blue.

So why not counteract the grim weather outside by creating a springtime haven inside? If you’re smart with your interior design choices, you won’t have to wait for Mother Nature to catch up with you. Bring the sunshine into your home with these 4 simple interior ideas.

Bring in breezy fabrics

Winter feels like a heavy season all-round: heavy clouds, heavy clothes and heavy eyes. We also tend to surround ourselves with heavy interiors and fabrics, too, such as woolly throws and bedding in dark tones.

Switching these out for lighter options can have an instantly uplifting effect. Seek out breezy textures with a bit more flow and motion to them – and with light, fun patterns to match. Soft colour palettes and fresh floral prints evoke strong feelings of spring, so switching out your rug, curtains, tablecloth or pillows will help to banish the chill. Even a simple change of bedding could be enough to make you feel sunnier.

Play with plant life

Spring is all about the arrival of new life in the natural world, which means nothing says spring quite like plants and flowers. Your home probably feels quite bare now that you’ve taken down all the Christmas decorations, and one of the best ways to counteract this is by filling you home with colourful floral displays.

You don’t need to wait for spring to appreciate nature. Invest in bright flowers like tulips and daffodils and display in them equally colourful vases, refreshing their water and trimming their stems to keep them fresh.

Create colourful focal points

Make sure your interiors aren’t as dull and dreary as the weather outside. A few pops of colour can make a huge difference to your home, giving you a refresh every time you step through the front door. This is especially true of bright tones like yellows and greens, which are colours often associated with positivity, relaxation and focus.

There are endless ways to bring colour into your home, from dramatic changes to simple additions. A feature wall is a powerful way to make a statement with colour, drawing the eye and commanding attention. Alternatively, introducing a bold piece of wall art or a selection of colourful scatter cushions can also have a brightening effect.

Seek out springtime scents

When bringing spring into your home, you need to think about ways to treat all your senses, not just your eyes. We associate certain smells with spring just as potently as we do certain colours and patterns. Invest in scented candles, essential oils, air fresheners and reed diffusers to fill your home with pleasantly spring-like aromas. From freshly cut grass and the ocean breeze to floral notes like lavender, citrus, jasmine and rose, having pleasant scents greet you at the door is the perfect way to turn your home into a springtime paradise.

Forget about winter: it’s time to look ahead. Start making steps now and find your dream home in 2019 with Homes by Esh. Search our site today and get in touch using our online Live Chat service.

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