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14 calming colour choices to help you relax

calming colours

These hues are the perfect addition to any living space

After a long day, all we want to do is relax. In order to do this, you need to create the perfect cosy living environment to come home to.

Making your home calming and cosy is about a lot more than comfy furniture. You also need to think about the colours you use in your living space. Coating your walls in loud, vibrant shades isn’t exactly going to help you mellow out, but you don’t need to resign yourself to plain white walls either.

We’re shining the interior design spotlight on some of the most terrific tranquil colours to help you unwind at home. Let’s take a look.


Pink might not be the first colour that springs to mind when you imagine relaxing shades, but it might surprise you. Coral is a warm pinkish shade that’s exciting while still being welcoming and homely thanks to its more orangey tones.


Why choose one colour when you can have both? Green and blue are both relaxing in their own way, so it makes sense that a combination of the two would be delightfully serene.


Beige is one of the classic neutral shades, but it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. No colour is quite as cosy as beige, especially when paired with plush pillows and a soft throw.


Mauve is a great option for anyone looking for just a touch of colour. It’s not too grey and not too purple, but the subtlety and grace of this colour can’t be denied.


Grey can be relaxing without being dull, it just depends on the shade you choose. Seek out a soft pearl shade and pair with silver and white accents.

Navy Blue

Blue is the colour most commonly associated with relaxation and calm, which is why it pops up a few times on this list. Navy blue is vibrant while still being rich and deep, inviting you to dive in.


A cloudy shade of blue is a great way to give a room a slightly fuzzy edge, meaning nothing is too crisp and clear. The shade is reminiscent of rainy days spent watching the drops roll down the windows.


The lavender flower itself is something commonly associated with relaxation and sleep, so it makes sense that the colour which shares its name also has a similar effect. Lavender walks the line perfectly between subtle and bold.


True white can feel clinical and cold, but off-white is the perfect way to keep your home both neutral and inviting. Creamy whites are the definition of calm, and can be paired with pretty much anything.

Sage Green

Sage green is both earthy and grounding, while also feeling elegant. Try pairing it with blues to create an even more relaxing environment.

Sky Blue

Sky blue reminds us of, well, the sky. This is a great example of how to use a bright colour without overwhelming the space, as blue’s natural relaxing ability helps it blend seamlessly with any décor style.


Lilac is a purple colour with grey undertones, meaning it’s one of those bold choices that doesn’t feel too vibrant or in your face. Try pairing it with whites and blues to enhance its soothing impact.

Sea Blue

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the ocean, so why not bring that relaxation directly into your home? Rolling sea blues are sure to help you unwind.

Soft Grey

When used against reclaimed woods and lush greenery, soft greys are the perfect way to make your home feel both calming and cool.

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