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10 ways to master living room minimalism

Here’s how to embrace the cool simplicity of minimalist design without making it boring

For years, minimalism was the most popular movement in interior design, before it was countered by ‘maximalism’ and a celebration of all things bright and bold. Now, however, minimalism is once again all the rage, thanks to the input of influencers like Marie Kondo who promotes the philosophy of purging your home of anything that fails to ‘spark joy’.

To celebrate the return of one of our favourite home décor trends, here are 10 fool-proof ways to introduce the magic of minimalism into your living room.

Use a range of muted tones

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean giving up on colour entirely. Instead, try mixing and matching more muted tones like duck egg blue and dusky pink. When set against a monochrome backdrop, these subtle touches of colour help to bring both depth and warmth to your living space.

Play around with scale

Size is one of the factors you can really experiment with in minimalism. By restricting your clutter, you create more space to try out furniture on various scales. Would a set of nesting tables suit your living space better than a bulky coffee table, or would an oversized standard lamp add a quirky twist to the space?

Try out different textures

Like scale, texture is another aspect of your living room that you have free rein over under the rules of minimalism. Even the most neutral of spaces can be made interesting by introducing textures such as wood, woven, wicker and shag.

Introduce one vibrant accent

One of the most amazing things about minimalism is that it gives every piece of furniture the opportunity to stand out and get noticed. If you have a piece of vibrant furniture that you really love, like a bright rug or comfy armchair, placing it within an otherwise neutral space will allow it to shine in all its glory.

Blend different styles

Minimalism is a style in itself, but it also opens you up to trying a range of other styles too, all brought together by their united simplicity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with positioning more ornate furniture items next to thoroughly modern pieces.

Only include things you absolutely love

Minimalism means quality over quantity. A minimalist living room is one that has shunned clutter, so there should be nothing in your living area that isn’t adding something to the space. If there is, get rid of it or replace it with something more dynamic.

Make a statement with wall art

High impact wall art is a simple yet hugely effective way to add personality to an otherwise minimalist living room. The right painting or oversized print can really transform a space and give it a clear centrepiece, all while managing to save you floorspace so the room never feels too busy.

Focus on shapes

Minimalism is all about clean lines, and these lines help us focus more closely on the shape and forms present in our living rooms. Think of ways to highlight these lines and shapes even more dramatically, such as by painting window frames black against a pure white wall.

Go monochrome or tonal

Keep your palette limited when indulging in minimalism. Two good selections to stick to are monochrome and tonal. Monochrome means using exclusively shades on the white-grey-black spectrum, which is a simple way to keep things chic. Meanwhile, a tonal palette is one that utilises variations of one colour, such as red or blue.

Keep it traditional

By its very nature, minimalism is seen as a modern school of interior design. So to keep things from feeling too contemporary, why not maintain a minimalist overall vibe while also introducing more traditional, period furniture items. A hardwood Victorian sideboard is sure to stand out in a neutral modern space, giving it a chance to really shine.

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