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10 ways to make your home more sellable

For many people, selling your home can feel like an impossible task, but there are ways to make it easier

Finding your dream home should be a magical experience, but unfortunately – if you’re already a homeowner – it also comes with the not so magical consequence of having to sell your current property.

Selling can be a stressful experience. In fact, a 2018 survey by Homeward Legal found selling a house to be the most stressful experience anyone can go through. Part of this stress comes from the fear that no one will show enough interest to actually invest in your old home, but there are things you can do to reduce this risk.

Here are 10 ways to make your home more sellable.

Create the right first impression

The right first impression is key in any situation, but especially when it comes to selling your home. Making sure your front lawn is tidy, your entrance door is freshly painted and your hallway is clean and bright are all vital.

Embrace a neutral palette

You might prefer bright colours, but it doesn’t change the fact that a neutral palette is the most successful way to please everybody. Prospective buyers should be able to feel relaxed in your home, not too excited or overwhelmed.

Don’t make things too personal

Family photographs are a great addition to any home, but not when you’re trying to sell it. Such personal items can make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine the space as their own.

Maintain a cohesive style

You don’t need to make every room look the same, but try to keep a cohesive sense of style throughout your home, rather than mixing and matching too much. Even just incorporating a common colour throughout your home can work.

Organise your shelves and cupboards

You might be tempted to just hide away your clutter behind closed doors, but the problem is buyers open them. House hunters are likely to open wardrobes and cupboards to check out the space, so make sure things are clean and tidy.

Find your flow

Set up your home with a good flow so buyers don’t end up making 180 degree turns at dead ends. Doorways should be clear and sofas should be spaced out enough so that buyers don’t need to zig-zag through the room.

Remove unnecessary furniture

Speaking of zig-zagging, one thing you don’t want buyers to think is that your home is cluttered. In general, the less furniture, the better, because it gives viewers the space they need to picture their own furniture in your home.

Light it up

Light is so important when it comes to selling your home. Make the most of natural light with light tones and reflective accessories, and you can also invest in some pleasant artificial light for your home’s dimmer spaces.

Update older fixtures

Buyers have an unnerving attention to detail, so you can’t rely on any old fixtures passing them by. Whether it’s a dusty lampshade or a cracked socket, replacing your fixtures with brand new alternatives is a great investment in the long run.

Finish off any ongoing projects

Most buyers aren’t looking for a work-in-progress, so if you’re currently halfway through a renovation project – no matter how small – make sure it’s all done and dusted before you start inviting people in through the door.

Here at Homes by Esh, we understand the passion to get moving. That’s why our offers include the Help to Buy, Homemover and Part Exchange schemes to help make your selling and buying journey as smooth and rewarding as possible. Get in touch with our team today by using our online Live Chat service.

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