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10 super quick ways to refresh your interior design

refresh your interior design

Full of inspiration but short on time? Here’s how to refresh your interior design in 60 minutes

We would all love to take a week or two to spruce up our interior design, but between work and family life there never seems to be enough time. But despite what you might think, giving your home a refresh doesn’t need to eat into your day. We’ve put together this guide of 10 ways to refresh your interior design in an hour or less. So put 60 minutes on the clock and give some of these a try.

Travelling rug

If there is a spot in your home, like the kitchen or hallway, where you’ve been toying with the idea of a rug, give the idea a test drive first. All this takes is you dragging a rug from elsewhere in your home to the designated area and seeing how it looks. If you like it, you can spend the rest of your 60 minutes doing some online shopping.

Armfuls of greenery

Flowers and plants are a great way to freshen up your home and bring an instant pop of colour into any space. So if you don’t have time to paint or repaper your walls, fill a room with fresh greenery from your garden or the local florist.

Pretend headboard

A painted panel of wall is a quick and effective alternative to a headboard. Using masking tape to mark off the area behind your bed, simply paint the wall in your choice of colour for a neat, clean look. If you have time, a simple bedside cabinet in the same shade can help bring the room together.

Kooky hooks

Hanging hooks are an easy way to transform the look of a space and give yourself some extra storage. Whether it’s in the hallway for coats or in the kitchen for mugs, it won’t take long for you to implement these nifty additions.

Switch it up

Being ‘room blind’ is something we probably all suffer from. This is when you’ve lived somewhere for a while and have become so used to how it looks that you barely even notice it. Take an hour out of your day to rearrange some furniture and you’ll be amazed at how much it can open your eyes to the way your home looks.

Be proud of collections

Whether it’s photos, postcards, classic magazines or old records you don’t play any more, turning them into a display can help add flair to your home and pay homage to your beloved collections. It’s also a great way to use your décor to reflect your personality and interests.

Paint a door

A coat of paint is a big ask when it comes to painting a whole room, but not when it’s a single door. Give your living room or bedroom door a rub down with sandpaper and then paint it an unexpectedly bright colour for a pop of boldness and brightness that’ll make you look twice.

A single strip

Similarly, a single strip of wallpaper can create a stunning feature without taking up your whole weekend. A cloakroom, kid’s room or hallway with a narrow strip of wall is the ideal place to introduce some pattern and interest.


A few single pattern tiles and some adhesive are all you need to create a makeshift mini-splashback in your kitchen or bathroom. This is a great way to create something pretty which is also practical.

Colour coded books

As well as being teleportation devices to other worlds, books also make great interior design features. Why not spend an hour rearranging your books not alphabetically, but visually? Arranging your books by colour creates a stunning rainbow effect that really makes a room pop, acting as a super simple way to refresh your interior design.

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