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10 of the best home colour combinations for springtime

colour combinations

Spring is in full swing, so here’s how to celebrate the season with your home colour combinations

There is plenty to love about springtime. From warmer weather and light nights to blooming blossoms and freshly cut grass, but one of the very best things about the season is it’s an excuse to celebrate all of the prettiest shades out there through your home design.

Spring makes us all want to add a bit more colour and life into our lives, and what better way to do that tha0n by introducing some stunning colour combinations into your home? So now that the season is well underway, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite colour combinations for the warmer months. Let’s take a look.

Shades of beige

Who said beige has to be boring? A light neutral palette is truly reflective of spring’s natural softness, and beige offers the perfect amount of warmth. Pair different shades with whites and a range of textures to keep it interesting.

Cool blues

We may think of blues and purples as more of winter shades, but actually their coolness can create a welcome retreat in your home. Soft pastel blues are reminiscent of a spring sky, while richer blues give a Mediterranean flair to get you ready for summer.

Green and white

Green is the quintessential spring colour, and white is the perfect pairing. This most delightful of colour combinations is both sweet and refreshing, giving you the chance to play with floral patterns and shapes to keep it interesting.

Peach and ivory

For a more elegant look, a sumptuous peach and ivory combination offers all the decadence of richer tones while also maintaining the lightness of spring. Peach is a great shade that’s somewhat neutral while still maintaining personality, and ivory is a great off-white shade to pair it with.

Blue and white

Blue and white can be both a fun, modern pairing and a charmingly traditional one, reminiscent of Delftware designs. The lightness of the white pairs perfectly with the cool richness of blue, creating a bright, bold and instantly welcoming environment to enjoy.

Deep green and gold

Like peach and ivory, deep green and gold is another pairing that celebrates spring in a luxurious way – perfect for dining rooms. The greenness brings freshness while the gold brings elegance, and together they offer the perfect balance of warm and cool.


Black and white is a timeless combination which looks great at any time of year. Spring is a time to experiment with fun designs, and monochrome is a great way to do that. Play about with geometric forms to get the most out of the black and white pairing, and you can even sprinkle the space with pops of colour for contrast.

Grey and yellow

This is a another typical cool/warm combination offering the classic modernity of grey with the sunny fun of yellow. Together, these two colours feel unapologetically modern, perfect for the kitchen or a family room.

Mint and lilac

Mint and lilac are two colours that – as their names suggest – take their inspiration from nature. Spring is the time of year when we really appreciate the natural world, so these two colours work perfectly. They also offer a great chance to experiment with botanical prints.

Grassy greens

Like we said, green is the quintessential spring colour, and for many of us the first thing we think of when we hear spring is green grass. Leafy shades, green pairings and lots of houseplants can call bring a sense of spring into your home.

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