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The 4 Fs of mastering minimalism in your home

Sometimes less is more, and this is certainly the case when it comes to interior design

Minimalism has been a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike for several years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The sleek lines and clean finishes which are quintessential of the style are reminiscent of the popular Scandinavian designs of the mid-century, which brushed off the idea that high quality furniture needed to be decked out with flourishes and decoration.

Instead, minimalism celebrates the beauty of simplicity, creating a smooth, claiming interior look which we’d all love to see in our own homes. Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. We’re here to show you how – by understanding the principles of minimalist design – you can turn your home into a tranquil, attractive haven for the modern age. Let’s take a look.


Functionality has always been at the forefront of minimalist home design. The style celebrates forward-thinking design, with no room for fancy whims and frills. Every piece in a minimalist home must be functional.

This means resisting the temptation to clog up surface space and wall space with impractical items. Instead of ornaments and elaborate wall art, consider wall shelving and a decorative bowl – both of which also serve a practical purpose. In minimalist design, your practical furniture speaks for itself without flourish.


Minimalism follows the mantra ‘form following function’. This means that, as we said, minimalist furniture is, first and foremost, practical. The sleek designs of minimalist pieces are envisioned to work alongside their function, rather than make them more difficult to use.

When you start considering what kind of form your furniture should take, think in terms of basic shapes like squares and rectangles. Then think in terms of lines: horizontal, vertical, zigzag and curved. Being strict in your choices will bring unity to the space, with room to select a couple of more abstract details like zigzag legs or rounded chair backs.


Minimalism is all about creating an uninterrupted flow in your home, helping every item to feel like part of greater, overall look rather than standing out on their own. In the kitchen, this might mean opting for handleless cabinets or a fridge which blends into the rest of your cabinetry. In the bathroom, it could mean eggshell-white fixtures which blend seamlessly into an equally egg-shell white tiled wall, rather than standing free and separately. However you choose to create a flow, the aim should be to ensure that no one feature stands out more than any other, but instead supports the rest of the room to stand out as a unified space.


At first glance, minimalism may seem like quite a restrictive way to decorate your home. However, while there are plenty of guidelines to follow, part of the magic of minimalist design is having the freedom to see things differently. Minimalism is about broadening your horizons and taking off your interior design blinkers; seeing your home as one larger entity.

The simplicity and sleekness of minimalism means that it feels both modern and neutral, providing the perfect canvas for you to then go back and add a few select personal touches. It may be a feature wall in a pastel shade, or a large geometric rug in your living room to act as a statement piece. Having a minimalist backdrop means you’re choosing quality over quantity, giving the pieces you really love room to shine.

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