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Swapping these 5 items will transform your home

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Looking to spruce up your home this spring? It’s easier than you might think

No matter how much we love our home décor, there are always aspects we want to add or improve. But time and budget constraints often leave us powerless to go ahead with the big home upgrade projects we dream about undertaking, so we’re here to show you how sometimes the biggest change comes from the smallest amendments.

This isn’t spring cleaning, this is spring changing. Here are five simple swaps you can make to take your interior design to the next level and really spruce up your home for the new season.

Trade old cushions for new

Replacing larger items of furniture like sofas and coffee tables can be expensive, but swapping out soft furnishings instead is much easier and can be just as impactful. Trade out older cushions which are more suited to winter — like those with heavy velvet covers — and replace them with lighter options like cotton and linen.

This is also a good chance to add a few pops of colour to your living room décor, so look for cushions with fresh prints made up of bold, eye-catching shades. This is something you can get into the habit of doing at least twice a year to get in the mood for the change in weather. It’s a simple swap that will earn you a lot of compliments from family and friends.

Make storage stylish

No matter how successful your spring clean is, it seems impossible to truly get rid of the sheer amount of stuff in your home (although if you want to know how to do a spring clean right, click here.) So what to do with all this stuff? We suggest turning storage into style.

The kitchen tends to suffer most from clutter, so instead of hiding your utensils away in overpacked drawers, find an attractive holder and turn them into a functional yet fashionable display. Using something like a large champagne cooler will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Similarly, reduce your bathroom clutter by displaying your toiletries and cosmetics on an attractive tray, or in silver julep cups.

Go luxury with lampshades

Forget the idea that lighting is purely functional. As well as illuminating all the other great features your home has to offer, light fixtures should also be a feature themselves. We tend to forget about lampshades when it comes to interior design, but replacing old and tired covers with fresh new ones can make an immediate difference to any room.

Swap artificial plants for the real thing

For a few years, artificial plants and flowers were very much in vogue. Now however, people want the real thing and it’s easy to see why. Plants and flowers provide a bright and colourful focal point in any space and can help soften the overall look of a room. Not only that, but real plants bring a pleasant aroma to a space and have been shown to boost energy levels, freshen the air and improve your mood.

Tired blinds = tired you

This swap not only looks good but can also help improve your health and wellbeing. If your bedroom has had the same blinds for a good few years now, try swapping them out for blackout alternatives. These have been proven time and time again to increase comfort and improve sleep quality.

Blackout blinds are designed to stop any light from entering your bedroom while they’re down, meaning you won’t get rudely awakened before you need to. This is particularly important as we enter the lighter nights and mornings of spring and summer.

Looking for a fresh start in a stunning new home in Darlington or perhaps a new home in Carlisle? Explore our developments today and get in touch with our team using our online Live Chat service.

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