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How to pick the perfect colour for your hallway


Let’s ensure your home makes a good first impression

When we think about sprucing up our home design, our minds travel immediately to the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room. Because of this, it’s all too common for the hallways to get overlooked.

You may not spend as much time in them as you do other parts of your home, but finding the right interior style for your hallways is just as important as any other room of the house. After all, your hallways are what connects your home together and gives it its flow.

The entrance hall is particularly important, as this space acts as your home’s first impression for visiting family and friends. And we all know how important a good first impression can be.

So let’s take some time to show our hallways some love. Great design starts with the right colour choice, so here is how to choose the perfect colour for your hallway no matter what shape and size your hallway is.

Choosing colours for narrow hallways

A lot of hallways lack natural light, so it’s important to make the most of the light you do have by choosing bright and neutral colour tones. This is especially important if your hallway is a little on the small side, as dark tones like black and navy absorb light and make already narrow spaces feel even narrower.

If you want something more exciting than a bright white or cream, choose the lightest shades possible of your preferred hue, such as pastel blues or yellows. You should also paint your trim two shades lighter than the wall to give a sense of maximum space.

Choosing colours for wide hallways

If you have a wide hallway, you should feel blessed. Wider hallways provide the sense of a grand entrance and give you more choice when it comes to both furniture and colour possibilities. A warmer tone will help make a larger space feel more welcoming, while painting doors a different colour to the walls will break up the space.

In large halls, your décor should be all about creating focus. One great way to do this is with a feature wall, using a bold colour or an eye-catching wallpaper design.

Choosing colours for halls with high ceilings

The rules surrounding high ceilings and colour are extremely simple. If you want to make the most of your high ceilings by making them feel as high as possible, paint them a light and neutral tone such as white. However, if you want to create a more intimate setting, try painting your ceilings a darker colour. This works particularly well when paired with wall sconces and pendant lights.

Choosing colours for halls with windows

Some hallways have windows, and some don’t. If you’re lucky enough to belong in that first category, make sure you make the most of that natural light with soft warm shades of yellow and tan. You can also use mirrors to allow the light to bounce around the room as much as possible, increasing the sense of space even more. One feature you should avoid however is curtains, as these can make your hallway feel closed in.

A unique way to add personality to your hall is with a two-tone colour choice, usually separated by some light-coloured wall moulding. Opt for a darker hue on the bottom half and then use a lighter colour on the top half to make your ceiling look higher.

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