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Do you like the ‘vibe’? Understanding your instincts when it comes to buying a house


It’s the thing all homebuyers are looking for, they may just not realise it

House hunting is an experience that’s both exciting and stressful, often in equal measure. The thrill of seeking out your dream home goes hand in hand with the pressure of finding the best possible solution for your requirements. Many people go into homebuying with a long list of criteria they need, from a certain number of bedrooms to a large garden or particular build style. But one thing which may not feature on your list is the ‘vibe’ of your new home.

If vibe isn’t somewhere near the top of your list, chances are it should be. Research from an Ally Home survey has revealed just how important this factor is for people looking for the perfect property. But what exactly is the vibe, and how do you know if your home has it?

The vibe: location and community

The term “vibe” can feel intangible and hard to quantify, but understanding your instinctive reaction to a location is as important as doing the practical sums. After all, it is your emotional response to your surroundings that will ultimately determine your happiness in a home.

However, there are a few key factors that make up the “vibe”.

We’ve all heard the mantra that finding a property is all about “location, location, location”. Well, an important part of any desirable location is the way it makes people feel. The style of buildings, the amount of greenery, the type of community and the composition of a neighbourhood all serve to stimulate your senses and generate an emotional response. According to a new survey, 88% of homebuyers say that the vibe of a neighbourhood is a key factor when deciding on a property to purchase, with almost half (49%) saying that it is ‘very important’.

What’s more, 4 out of 5 of respondents (80%) say that their new neighbourhood has to reflect their personality, and 82% say that they would actually consider moving home if they didn’t like their neighbourhood. Almost three quarters of respondents (73%) also said that they would pay more for a property or even choose a smaller home if it was in their perfect neighbourhood.

In terms of the kind of area people are looking for, 36% of people are looking for “quiet and quaint” surroundings, although more Millennials (28%) are prioritising an area where amenities like shops, bars, restaurants and coffee shops are easy to get access.

Other neighbourhoods people are looking for are those with lots of outdoor space to explore (25%), ones centred on family life (21%), ones near cultural attractions (15%), tech-friendly neighbourhoods with plenty of coverage (12%) and upscale urban settings (9%).

What else are homebuyers looking for?

Although “plenty of vibe” may now be near the top of your list for property requirements, there are many other key features which can sway a browser into becoming a buyer. A study by Andrew Granger found that the top features desired by homebuyers include:

  • Central heating (69%)
  • Double glazing (68%)
  • A garden (65%)
  • Secure doors and windows (61%)
  • A driveway or parking space (54%)
  • Lots of electrical sockets (54%)
  • Reliable broadband connection (49%)
  • More than one bathroom (46%)

The kitchen has also been shown to be the most influential room in the home, with open plan spaces with lots of natural light being particularly desirable.

Looking to buy a new home that has plenty of vibe and features galore? Take a look at our developments across the North of England.

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