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7 stylish ways to keep your home kid-friendly


These design tips will help you cater to your little ones’ needs without sacrificing style

Young children and immaculate interior design don’t tend to fit together quite as well as we’d like. Anyone with little ones in their home knows that keeping things looking stylish and decluttered can be impossible, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Function and fashion can work together, especially when it comes to home décor. From smart tidying shortcuts to ensuring things are safe for energetic toddlers, we’re going to reveal our top tips for keeping your home kid-friendly, without sacrificing stylish design.

Furniture with round edges

Sharp edges are a real source of anxiety for parents of young children. We see table corners and pointed furniture as an accident waiting to happen, which is why round edges are such a blessing. Not only are round edges much safer for your little ones, but they also give the room a softer, pleasant ambience. From circular coffee tables to loungers and armchairs, rounded edges are a great way to mix style and safety.

Leather and faux-leather upholstery

There are few upholstery options which are both luxurious and durable against wear and tear and grubby fingers. Materials like velvet may look stunning in the magazines, but they often don’t survive long when there are kids running around the place. However, leather and faux leather are great options for those seeking both style and sturdiness. It can withstand repeated use and is also extremely easy to wipe clean.

Wood everything

Wood is one of those timeless materials which always looks great. From deep, dark grains in an elegant dining room to friendly light tones throughout the living room and hallways, wood has the power to provide your home with the personality and charm we all crave. But even better, wood is also extremely hard-wearing. It’s resistant stains and is super easy to wipe down, meaning you won’t have the stress of panicking after every spill.

Wool rugs and carpets

Light coloured carpets can make a space feel both airier and cosier, so it’s a shame that a lot of parents avoid them like the plague in fear of irreparable spills and stains. Thankfully, there is a solution. 100% wool rugs are effective stain-repellent thanks to the lanolin oils in its fibres, meaning it’s the easiest material to steam clean when necessary.

Dual purpose furniture

Decorating when you’ve got kids is all about making smart decisions and choosing savvy statement pieces. Look for furniture that looks good but which can also serve another useful purpose. For example, a coffee table which is also a storage chest – a.k.a. the perfect toybox – or a fun tee-pee in the kids’ room which offers a playful aspect and a place to hide away stray toys and games.

Vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper brings new depth to a room’s décor, with patterns, colours and styles galore to choose from. However, many parents are reluctant to take the risk of papering walls for fear of fingerprints and permanent markers. Vinyl wallpapers offer the best of both worlds for parents, with the style of wallpaper and the easy-to-clean benefits of paint. Win win!

Designated ‘Kid Zones’

It’s unavoidable that your little ones will make a mess, so keep the messiest activities within designated kid zones, such as mini-dining areas for snack time or a particular table used for arts and crafts. This will help contain the mess, and will add an element of adorable charm to your décor. If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated playroom this is better yet.

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