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7 simple ways to refresh your interior design for 2019

New year, new home design!

The start of a new year marks the perfect time to begin making positive life changes, and this includes switching up your interior design. Giving your home a refresh will help you appreciate the space around you in 2019, and it’s easier than you might think. Here are 7 of our favourite ways to spruce up your home this January.

Let nature inspire you

The beginning of the year can feel a bit dreary, thanks to the short days and cold weather, but bringing the beauty of the natural world indoors will help make your home feel fresher and brighter. From plants and flowers to materials like stone and woodgrain, introducing natural elements into your home can add interest as well as warmth.

Refresh old favourites

We’d all love to invest in a whole new set of furniture for the new year, but the post-Christmas funds rarely allow for it. However, it’s surprisingly easy to make your current furniture feel like new, simply by splashing out on a few key accessories. A table runner on the dining table, decorative pillows on the sofa or even just new bedding can all work wonders.

Decorate your bookshelves

Over time, it’s all too easy for our bookshelves to become dumping grounds for various papers, stationary and bits and bobs. This can leave them looking like messy eyesores rather than attractive units, so take the time to tidy your shelving and coordinate its contents. Potted plants, framed photographs and attractive books are a good place to start.

Create a centrepiece in every room

Every room should have a focal point in order to give it, well, focus. Choose one item that you want to draw the eye and build the rest of your décor around it. This could be a larger item like a sofa or a bed, or something more decorative like a particular piece of artwork or a floral centrepiece. It could even be a structural element like a fireplace, bay window or alcove. Either way, make sure you frame it with great décor to help it really shine.

Be playful with colour

We’ve already discussed how things can feel a little bleak at this time of year, and colour is the best way to remedy this in your home. Have fun with your choices and choose shades with personality and flair, whether you’re repainting or simply introducing a few colourful accessories.

Let there be light

Like colour, light is one of the most important tools for making your home feel like a more exciting and inviting space. Even if natural light is a little thin at the minute, introducing warm and pleasant artificial light ensures your home still feels bright. Consider the kind of ambience you want each room to have and choose lighting that reflects it.

Fill your home with the things you love!

Take a positive first step into the new year by filling your home with all the things you love. Whatever your hobbies and interests are, celebrating them with attractive décor makes your home feel more like your own personal sanctuary. This can also encourage you to actually indulge in your hobbies more often, doing the things you love in a space you can be proud of.

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