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12 ways to use 2018’s Colour of the Year in your decor

colour of the year

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 is a bold, bright, beautiful shade which can dramatically transform your home

You may have noticed that one colour is dominating interior design in 2018. This year, Ultra Violet is the hue on everyone’s mind, and with its exciting mix of boldness and traditional elegance, it’s not hard to see why. Ultra Violet is a statement shade of purple which commands the attention of anyone its presence.

Unlike the green and earthy tones of 2017, Ultra Violet is bright and otherworldly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fit perfectly into your home decor.

So to give you some ideas, here are 12 stunning ways to introduce 2018’s Colour of the Year into your interior design.

Be bold

The first thing you need to know about Ultra Violet is that it’s a bold colour, which means you have to be brave when using it. Don’t be afraid to introduce both larger and smaller items, follow your gut and have fun with it.

Create a focal point

One effective way to make use of this colour is to draw the eye with a clear focal point, like an Ultra Violet sofa in the centre of your living room.

Complement with grey

Ultra Violet is beautiful mix of red and blue tones; excitement and passion mixed with cooling, soothing shades. There’s a lot going on with it, so pairing it with gentle greys will help it stand out and shine.

…Or with orange

Alternatively, go bigger and bolder by pairing Ultra Violet with sunny orange tones. Not only is orange opposite to purple on the colour wheel, creating a dramatic contrast, but it will also help warm up any space.

Let your soft furnishings do the work

Don’t assume you have to go big with Ultra Violet in order to make it work — a feature wall isn’t necessary. Instead, use your soft furnishings as a basis for bringing the shade to a variety of textures.

Embrace the power of piping

Another subtle way to use Ultra Violet is in the details. Try introducing the colour in silk or satin piping on cushions, curtains and armchairs for a beautiful, delicate way of updating your decor.

Celebrate the night

Ultra Violet is a radiant colour which is reminiscent of the night sky, and it’s easy to amplify this effect. Furniture in navy and black will help you create an ode to the beauty of the night.

Use a range of materials

Because it is such a unique colour choice, Ultra Violet lends itself to a lot of different materials. Consider something more unusual like stained glass as a truly gorgeous way to dye the light in your home.

Pair with metallics

Pairing Ultra Violet with more modern materials, like metallics, will emphasize the otherworldly quality of the colour. Use this combination to create a space-age, sci-fi, celestial and whimsical look in your home.

Make blocks of colour

2018’s Colour of the Year lends itself beautifully to blocks of colour, especially blinds. The sun pouring in behind Ultra Violet blinds will help bring out every individual jewel tone of the colour.

Move on from 2017

2017 was all about using earthy tones in your home, like greens, browns and beige. While these are all great interior design options, embracing Ultra Violet will help give your home a dramatic lift in colour and light.

Follow your instincts

Even though Ultra Violet is the hottest colour right now, you don’t have to bring into every aspect of your design. Use it as much or little as you like, making sure you stay true to your own personal style and tastes.

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