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16 stylish ideas for decorating a kid’s bedroom

kid's bedroom

Your little ones deserve a sanctuary of their own, so here’s how to achieve it

Your bedroom is the part of your home where you can truly escape from the outside world, allowing yourself to relax and unwind at the end of the day. For children, this is no different. Every child deserves their own personal hideaway, so here are 16 fun and fashionable design ideas to give your little ones the bedroom they deserve.

Turn their toys into a display

If your kid’s room is cluttered with toys, try turning the disarray into an attractive display. Open shelving is a great way to show off figures and teddies and add colour to the space.

Keep it colourful

Colour is a vital design aspect in any space, but in a kid’s bedroom you can afford to be a bit more daring than you would normally be. Think bold and bright.

Go wild

Animal prints are a great way to make the room feel more adventurous, especially if you pair the prints with the appropriate cuddly toy. A big bear or tiger makes a great feature as well as a beloved toy.

Don’t be afraid to make it glam

We tend to avoid overly sophisticated styles in children’s rooms, but taking some glamourous elements can really make the room stand out. Consider wall art, painted trims or even monogrammed headboards.

Cool it down

Cool tones are always welcome in the bedroom, as they are the most relaxing. Light blues and purples can help your little one drift off come bedtime.

Appeal to their interests

Ask yourself what your child likes and build a design around that. Whether it’s a musical instrument, cartoon character or a sport like skateboarding, let their passions be your inspiration.

Make it picture perfect with pastels

Pastel colours bridge the gap between childish innocence and delicate luxury, so gentle tones of green, purple, blue or pink are always good choices.

Experiment with traditional styles

A bedroom doesn’t need to be ultra-modern to be stylish. Try adding some more traditional features like a four-poster bed or a rustic farmhouse bookcase.

Create an oasis

Relaxation is important in any bedroom, so make sure comfort is made a priority. A sumptuous bed, effectively blocking curtains and gentle colours can all help to create the perfect sanctuary.

Play with layout

If your kids share a room, don’t be scared to play around with the positioning of the beds and other furniture. You may be able to make the room feel more spacious or homely with a simple change.

Fashion a library

Like toys, books are a great way to turn something useful into a display too. Make sure to include plenty of bookcases in your design and fill them with great reads.

Light it up

Lighting can completely transform a room. Consider whether your child would prefer fairy lights, an elegant pendant or even a neon wall light for a fresh, funky feel.

Think outside the box

Assess every element of the room in your design, including the ceiling. Hanging plants, lights and storage can all increase the functionality and look of the room.

Be playful with patterns

Whether it’s checks, spots or stripes, patterns are a great way to add a playful quality to your child’s bedroom. Introduce them on wallpaper or just on cushions and curtains.

Run with a theme

A theme can give you a firm idea of where you’re going with a room’s design. Throw a few ideas around like nautical, safari, story book or outer space!

Ask for their opinion

Finally, ask your little ones what they think. After all, they are ones who will be spending the most time in the space. Incorporate their passions or their favourite colour into your design plans to create a room you can all be happy with.

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