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10 space-saving ideas for small bedroom décor

A small bedroom still has an enormous range of design options to choose from

If you enjoy indulging in all things interior design, you’ll see a lot of content talking about the benefits of big, spacious bedrooms. However, this isn’t always an option, particularly in the more snug rooms in the home – such as a utility space or perhaps one of the kids’ bedrooms.

But we’re here to tell you why that is far from a bad thing. Small bedrooms possess their own charms, and there are plenty of ways to make even your teeniest, tiniest bedroom feel cosy rather than cramped. Here are our 10 top tips for finding the very best small bedroom décor.

Go for a small headboard, or skip it entirely

A large headboard can be a domineering feature in a small bedroom, making the space instantly feel darker and more compact. Instead, try a lighter, smaller headboard option, or you can even skip the headboard altogether for a minimalist look.

Make it white

Light colours like white, cream and pastel shades work particularly well in smaller spaces. This is because light colours are better at reflecting light back into the space, whereas darker shades like navy and black will swallow light and make the room feel dimmer.

Turn your window into a centrepiece

A window is hugely important in a small bedroom, as it acts as the room’s source of natural light, which is what makes it feel bright and airy rather than dark and cramped. So why not give your window the love it deserves? Make it the focal point of your room and let its light touch every corner.

Introduce mounted lighting

Unlike floor lamps and table lamps, wall-mounted lighting gives you all the benefits of extra illumination without having to use up floorspace or surface space. Incorporating a dimmer switch will also allow you to make the room feel cosy at night time.

Don’t be afraid of wallpaper

We know we said stick to light colours, but don’t think that bold wallpapers and fun patterns are just for bigger spaces. A feature wall can contrast your lighter, more neutral walls beautifully, bringing depth and character.

Create smart storage

Decorating a small room requires you to think a little harder about how you’re going to introduce enough storage. However, there are plenty of options out there. One of the simplest and most effective methods is to incorporate under-the-bed storage into your room’s design.

Invest in a daybed

A day bed is a great way to give your bedroom a stunning day-to-night transition. In this way, your bedroom can be two rooms in one; a cosy living space during the day and a welcoming sleep sanctuary come evening.

Be generous with mirrors

Mirrors are the ultimate light reflectors, so be sure to include a generously-sized mirror in your room design. They also have the added benefit of creating the illusion of more space.

Fall in love with built-in shelves

Built-in shelving may take a little more work to introduce, but the benefits are huge. Unlike standalone wardrobes, built-in shelving makes the absolute most of the space available without even taking up any floorspace.

Ham up the cosiness

It’s not all about trying to make your room seem bigger when decorating a small bedroom. You can also embrace the benefits of its cosy size, using soft lighting, comfy throws and attractive pillows to create a relaxing haven away from the rest of the world.

Whatever your personal style, a property from Homes by Esh can act as the perfect blank canvas. Explore our developments today or get in touch using our online Live Chat service.

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